Guardian Application

If you'd like to be considered to be a Guardian Home for one of our dogs, please fill out the following application. We will contact you to discuss.

Guardian Home Application




How many people live in your household? What are their ages?

Do you own or rent your home?

Are allergies a concern? Are they mild to moderate or severe?

Describe your yard. Is it fenced? If so, how tall is the fence?

Have you owned a dog before? If so, how long and what breed(s)?

Tell us about any other pets that live in your household currently.

Will the dog live primarily indoors or outdoors? How often and for how long would the dog be home alone on a regular basis?

How often will you be able to exercise the dog? And what activities will you want them to participate in, such as jogging, hiking, camping, etc?

Are there any specific dog(s) listed on our Guardian Page that you are interested in providing a Guardian Home for, and why?

For which breed(s) would you be interested in providing a Guardian Home: (check all that apply)

Bernese Mountain Dog

If you selected more than one breed above, do you have a preference?

What is your ideal timeframe?

3-6 Months
More than 6 Months

Do you have any Questions or Concerns that we can answer?

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