About Our Doodles

What is an Irish Doodle?

An Irish Doodle is the cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle. The direct cross of an Irish Setter and a Standard Poodle is referred to as a First Generation F1 Irish Doodle. An F1B Irish Doodle is the result of a First Generation F1 mixed with (or crossed Back to) a Poodle. We are planning to breed primarily F1B Irish Doodles.

What is a Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle is the cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. As with the Irish Doodles, the direct cross of a Retriever and a Standard Poodle is referred to as a First Generation F1 Goldendoodle and an F1B is the result of a First Generation F1 mixed with (or crossed Back to) a Poodle. We are planning to breed primarily F1B Goldendoodles. To understand more about why we've decided to breed the F1B generation, we think it's important to know a bit of background information about each of these spectacular breeds.

About the Irish Setter

Irish Setters originate in Ireland, and were developed in the 18th Century from a number of popular breeds at the time, including the Irish Terrier, the Irish Water Spaniel and the English Setter. The breed began with a red and white color, but by the late 19th Century, the solid red color had become the color of choice. Setters were originally bred as hunting dogs that would "set" game by crouching down next to a bird until the hunter could come and throw a net over both the bird and the dog! As guns were introduced, they evolved into a gun dog that would point, flush and hunt game in a standing position. Setters are known for the personality traits of being lively, playful, energetic, companionable, affectionate and independent dogs. We love both the personality and the look of the Irish Setter.

About the Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers were developed in England and Scotland as a medium sized dog that would be good for wild-fowling. They are said to be good at whatever they set out to do, from hunting, to guide-dogs, to family companions. They take their jobs seriously and are as fun-loving as they are devoted. They have become one of the most popular breeds to own because of their amazing temperament. The Golden Retriever ranks as the fourth-smartest dog, and will surprise you at how quickly they can pick up tricks and general training. As their name suggests, they absolutely love to retrieve - which usually means throwing a ball to them over and over and over and over.

About the Poodle

Although many believe that the Poodle breed was developed in France, Poodles actually have their earliest origins in Germany. They were developed as a water retriever. Interestingly enough, the famous Poodle haircut was designed by hunters to allow the dogs to move through the water more efficiently. The patches of hair that were left on the body were meant to protect vital organs and joints that were more susceptible to cold. The Poodle ranks as the second most intelligent dog breed after the Border Collie. Poodles excel at learning, are extremely attentive and are often skilled readers of body language and expression. However, they can be standoffish and aloof. Poodles are also thought to be the least shedding, most hypoallergenic of all dog breeds. Because of these characteristics Poodles are used frequently to cross with other breeds.

Our Doodle Breeding Program

So, our goal in breeding our F1B Irish Doodles and Goldendoodles is to get the great intelligence, non-shedding, and obedience from the Poodle and the wonderful temperaments and colors from the Irish Setter and Golden Retriever. We looked for a female Irish Doodle that exhibited all of the Irish Setter traits, and believe we found the perfect match in our Halle. Pairing the energetic playfulness and affection-loving nature of our Halle with the intelligence and sensitivity of a Poodle is a mix that we think will be perfect for active families who want a dog that will obey on command and love without discretion. Best of all, because of the F1B generation, we believe that our Irish Doodles will be the least shedding and most hypoallergenic characteristics that could be found in an Irish Doodle. The same holds true for our Goldendoodles. We have selected two amazing dark apricot Goldendoodles to being our Goldendoodle breeding program. We also have a beautiful tri-color Standard Poodle that we will add to our Goldendoodle program. We are excited to see what all of our girls will produce!