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Mountain Blue Doodles Review

We loved working with Olivia because she cares so much for the puppies and treats them like family as soon as they are born. She is very professional and provides continuous updates, lots of pictures and videos to ensure you can pick the dog that will be best for your family. We are so happy we made the choice to use Olivia to find our Lucy.

Jennifer W.


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

My wife and I live in Colorado and made the 4 1/2 hour drive to pick up our Bernedoodle Charlie (Green Boy) in Monticello, Utah. Our entire experience with Olivia and Mountain Blue Doodles from the very first phone interview till the adoption and 12 week veterinary check up back home were all fantastic. The George family quite obviously cares deeply about the health and well being of their puppies and it reflects in the wonderful personality and mellow demeanor of the new addition to our family!! I could not recommend adopting a doodle from this breeder any more highly

The Mink Family

Biscuit and Bosley BERNEDOODLES

Mountain Blue Doodles Review

My husband and I had wanted a Bernedoodle for quite some time but were unsure of which breeder to choose. I was searching breeders online and came across Mountain Blue Doodles. I immediately got a great vibe from their site and was pleased to know they were out of Utah. I took one look at the You-tube videos they had posted of a previous litter and knew I wanted on the list. Olivia was quick to respond to my inquiry and to set up a phone interview. I was very impressed at how vested she was in her pups and her concern in making sure not only a Bernedoodle would be a good fit for us, but that we equally would be a good fit for one of her puppies. I was so impressed that we waited almost a full year for her next liter and let me say these little guys were worth the wait.

Olivia's care and concern didn't stop after our one phone conversation, she stayed connected throughout the year. We were informed as to when Ellie Jean may become pregnant, due date, pictures of Ellie Jean and Finn the parents, and so much more. I must say I loved Olivia even more when after the puppies were born, she sent personality descriptions of each puppy with adorable baby photos. She asked us to pick our top two favorite and write a little something about why I thought they would be a good fit for our family. The love that goes into her puppies is far and above anything I have ever experienced. It's not just about what they look like, it's so much more.

They are now a little over twelve weeks old and have been given glowing reviews by our local vet not only in health but in disposition. They are incredibly social but equally as relaxed. I couldn't have asked for a more incredible fit for our family.

I would highly recommend Mountain Blue Doodles, they are a 10 in my book! What can I say other than we were so impressed we walked away with two instead of one and we couldn't be happier about it! Many thanks!

The Jacobs


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

My family and I have owned many dogs over the last 45 years of my life. As an adult, I have owned 4 dogs previous to Charley, my Bernedoodle from Olivia/Mountain Blue Doodles. I cannot express to you enough how AMAZING this breeder is and the quality of the puppies she raises. Olivia sends weekly summaries of each puppy's personality, temperament and unique characteristics as they grow and develop. I have never experienced a breeder quite like her. Oh, and about our sweet Charley... she is truly unbelievable! She is sweet, calm, smart and playful. She is EVERYTHING you pray for in a puppy. I feel SO LUCKY to have found Olivia and been afforded the opportunity to bring our sweet Charley-girl home to San Diego. She is truly the BEST puppy EVER!!! I cannot say enough great things about my experience with MBD!

Trudy N., San Diego, CA


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

We got our one year old Goldendoodle from Mountain Blue Doodles. I'd never met a dog with such presence and kind spirit who could still be goofy and lovable. Olivia made sure we had the perfect fit for our family and lifestyle. So you can imagine our trepidation at deciding on adding another dog. I called Olivia as soon as we had the thought we would do this. I trusted Olivia to not suggest another pup just because she wanted to sell one. I knew she had followed our exploits with Saffron and knew what our lives and he personality would tolerate. Sure enough when I started looking at her Irish Doodle litter, she explained the difference in the crossbreeds and how it might demand different from us. The relationship with Mountain Blue Doodles is worth more as much as the puppies she breeds. It matters to her that she knows her families and she knows her puppies so that she can make the best matches for all of us. By the time we got our Goldendoodle Onion, we were ready. Onion has not just been a perfect match for us but also for Saffron. They are inseparable. Saffron is so tolerant and teaches her the best of what she knows. Our lives and hearts are full thanks to Mountain Blue Doodles's attention to details, temperaments, puppy rearing, great breeding practices and love of what they do! Thank you!

Gillian G


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

I am extremely happy with my sweet Goldendoodle, Rusty. Working with Olivia in getting him was a great experience! I previously had a Goldendoodle who passed away after 13 years. He was such a great dog that I wanted to get another Goldendoodle. I started searching the internet for breeders and came across the Mountain Blue Doodles website. I sent an inquiry email to Olivia and we set up a phone interview. I could tell by talking with Olivia that she was very passionate about her dogs and wanted the best for them. She told me about her Facebook page and it was so much fun getting frequent updates on Facebook about how the puppies were doing. Olivia would also send all of the prospective puppy owners emails about how the litter was doing. She would tell us about the personalities of the puppies so we had a good idea which puppy would be the best fit for us. I loved the video she did of each puppy telling about its personality. It was very helpful in picking out which puppy would fit for me. I was able to go to visit the puppies at the farm and meet with Olivia and Rusty's mom and dad, Ginger and Rollo. It was great to see that they were happy and healthy and living in a wonderful environment. Olivia is very dedicated to her dogs and I am so happy I found her. She delivered Rusty to me at the Salt Lake City airport and I flew home with him to Oregon. He is healthy and growing quickly. And he is exactly like Olivia described him in her video. Thank you, Olivia!!

Pam and Rusty


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

We just adore Ivy, she's sweet & sassy - a hilarious combination!!! Working with Olivia was wonderful! It was so special to be a part of our puppy's life before she was even born! Olivia kept us updated all throughout Halle's pregnancy, the births and their first 8 weeks of life! The stunning photographs and detailed emails allowed you to connect to the pups without even meeting them! Olivia was so in tune with each pup, you could tell they were loved and taken care of, which was important to us when picking a breeder. Olivia was always there to answer any questions, she was full of information and when we arrived to pick our sweet girl up, Olivia had a bag of goodies to take home including a blanket that smelled like her siblings and mom! Overall, we couldn't have imagined a more caring breeder, we were truly lucky to have found Mountain Blue Doodles. Ivy is now almost 12 weeks old. She is an "art studio" dog in training at our family art school, she loves people and all the attention she gets from our students! She's extremely smart, sweet, and goofy with just a pinch of sass, she fits right into our family!

Maggie C

Snuffalupagus IRISH DOODLE

Mountain Blue Doodles Review

We unexpectedly had to wait a year to bring our doodle home and in that year Olivia was amazing to work with. We never considered going elsewhere. Her love and care for her dogs always comes first and her professionalism is top notch. We couldn't have asked for better communication, every step along the way. Our pup was in wonderful hands from the moment he was born and is such an amazing addition to our family. We already know that we will be back for a second.

Cynthia F from Colorado


The first thing we noticed about Mountain Blue Doodles is that they genuinely care about the quality of life their puppies would live in their new homes. Olivia asked us detailed questions about our lifestyle and did a great job matching each puppy to the right family. She was so helpful every step of the way by sharing photos, emails, and advice that made the process so enjoyable. It was obvious that the puppies were born into a very loving home. When we finally met Finn we knew he was perfect for us! We love his spunky personality and his love for adventure. He is so playful, loving, and smart. Finding Mountain Blue Doodles and bringing Finn home has brought us so much joy and we couldn't be more happy!

Anna and David from Colorado


Words can't describe how pleased we are with our Mountain Blue Doodles experience. Olivia is so great to work with. This was my first time getting a dog through a breeder and I'm so pleased. Once we decided that we'd like a goldendoodle in our family, I searched online for a reputable breeder. We're in Salt Lake, so I was hoping to find one in Utah but was willing to travel to other states to find the right dog and breeder. After finding Olivia's website and reading through the entire thing, I knew we wanted to work with her. We had a phone interview where she asked multiple questions about our home and needs. I was happy to see she screens families like this, it proves she cares about where the puppies end up and what their life will be like. At the time of our conversation, she had a litter of F1B puppies arriving any minute. We both agreed that one of her puppies would be perfect for us and I sent her a deposit.

Days later the babies were born and Olivia posted multiple times on Facebook with updates during the birth, followed by lots of pictures and videos. It was so fun to be a part of our puppy's life from the beginning. Throughout the weeks, Olivia kept us updated weekly via email and often on Facebook about the litter, their vet visits, how Ginger (the mama) was doing, etc. We also got a weekly photo shoot shot of each puppy. It was great.

Once the time came to pick out the puppies, my son and I drove the 4.5 hours to meet them before choosing. I'd had my eye on sweet little "Turquoise Girl" since the birth, and meeting her sealed the deal for me. Olivia was very knowledgable, and offered many tips on training, easing the transition period, grooming, etc. I could tell the puppies had been really well taken care of and felt so good about the decision to work with Olivia. On pick up day, we once again drove the 4.5 hours to get our girl. Olivia gave her lots of loves and kisses before sending her off with us and an adorable gift bag full of toys, food, a dog bowl, leash, a blanket that smelled like mom and siblings, and pictures. We named our sweet girl Summer, which is a fitting name because she LOVES laying in the grass with the sun on her belly.

Summer is 12 weeks old now and is a dream. She's everything you could want in a dog. She's like a living teddy bear with a beautiful wavy reddish-apricot coat, a funny and happy disposition, and she's incredibly smart. She learned to sit after one training session, and crate training took less than a week. She already loves fetch, and has learned to balance a treat on her nose and eat it when we snap. Everyone that meets her comments on how smart and confident she is. She's very independent and often spends hours outside having what we call "deep thoughts". You can tell she's had a life full of security and love from day one. Olivia has kept in touch by following Summer on instagram, and created a Facebook page where we can all connect with the families of all the puppies from her litters! I'll recommend Mountain Blue Doodles to anyone and everyone that asks about Summer. I'm so happy our puppy entered the world in such a loving environment.

Sage S, Salt Lake City UT


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

We have been very impressed with Mountain Blue Doodles. Working with Olivia from the start to finish was perfect! She is so knowledgable, helpful and wants the best for her pups and clients. Upon selecting a pup she helped us through that process very thoroughly and made it easier for us to find that fit. She was always quick to respond to calls or emails, and helped ease any of our concerns. We couldn't love our Zeke, turquoise boy anymore! He's the sweetest, most playful pup and is a perfect fit for our family! I will always highly recommend Mountain Blue Doodles and definitely will be back for our next pup! Thanks Olivia for Zeke, who has brought such joy into our family! XOXO

Heather W in Utah


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

I came across Mountain Blue Doodles while searching for Bernedoodle breeders in Utah. I sent an email to Olivia at 10:00 and to my surprise I received a response an hour later! She set up a phone interview with me a couple days later. She asked why we were interested in this particular breed, if we had past dog experience, if we had a fenced yard... I could tell she really cared about where her dogs were going. I told her we had two young boys and we loved that these dogs were smart, had a great temperament, and don't shed. She said this would be a great dog for you guys and she was spot on. We couldn't be happier with our dog, Tanner. We've had him for two weeks and he is legitimately potty trained, sleeps in his crate throughout the night and is great with our boys. As far as puppies go, he seemed like he knew what to do from the get go. Thank you, Olivia, for a great addition to our family! PS... I have not found one dog hair in the house since he arrived!

Nate T in Utah


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

Working with Olivia to adopt our new puppy, Ari, has been such an amazing experience. Olivia was incredibly thorough throughout the whole process keeping us updated on all the puppies, including detailed descriptions of their personalities. She was very professional and all the media she provided was of the highest quality. Having quality media to view on a regular basis was incredibly helpful in learning about each of the puppies and watching them grow. We are so thrilled with Ari and highly recommend any puppies that are under Olivia's care. She truly cares about the well being of the dogs and we're so thankful ours came from such a loving home. Thank you so much Olivia!!

Adam, Adi and Ari


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

When my husband and I made the decision to purchase a dog we wanted to find a breeder that cared as much about the dogs as we knew we would. I can not remember exactly how we found Mountain Blue Doodles, but I have been so grateful that we did because I have never doubted that Olivia cared about not only her dogs, but also the future owners. Throughout the experience, I appreciated how much Olivia worked with us in order to help us get the puppy of our dreams. Even though we were last on the waitlist, she did her absolute best to help us choose a dog that would meet our needs, wants, and expectations. Upon picking up our puppy I was extremely impressed with how well behaved, mellow, and loving our new little furry friend was. Daisy, little red, has been such a joy in our lives. We have been through a lot of transition and change with a medical school acceptance and a move, but through it all she has remained calm, loving, loyal, and playful. At 13 weeks of age, Daisy knows how to ring a potty bell, sit, shake, stay, and heel. We have appreciated so much what Olivia has done as well as how much she has cared since the day the puppies were born to today. We will forever be grateful to Mountain Blue Doodles and plan to get our next goldendoodle from them!

Rachel C., New Mexico


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

When we started searching for a dog, our main concern was the breeder - worried we would show up to pick up our puppy and find him stuck in a small home, away from his mom and siblings. That was until we found Mountain Blue Doodles. Upon our first interaction with them, they were kind, knowledgable and most importantly, concerned for the litter and each puppy. Olivia wanted a full reason as to why we felt ready, and after speaking to her on the phone, we felt she, as the breeder, was a great fit. After that, we were so happy with our choice, not only because our dog is more than we could ever ask for, but because she was easy to contact, posted updated photos all the time, kept in contact, explained every process on her end, as well as expected us to stay in contact and uphold our responsibility as a pet owner as she upheld her responsibility as a breeder. She was willing to let us come down to meet the puppies, and upon picking ours, kept in constant contact after, called each by their new names given, and made sure that they all spent their final days as a litter together. Regardless, we found Mountain Blue Doodles to go far beyond our expectations as a breeder, not to forget that our dog was basically house trained, the love of our lives and, a clean bill of health. He is the light of our lives and we receive so many compliments of how well behaved he is and has such a great personality.

Proof that Mountain Blue Doodles cares, we still keep in contact and provide updates. we have already provided referrals for new upcoming dog owners and wouldn't recommend anyone else looking for a great doodle breeder!

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Kelsey and Isaiah, Salt Lake City, UT


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

I came upon Mountain Blue Doodles website when searching for Goldendoodle breeders. I absolutely love Olivia's website and Facebook page. You can really tell that she adores her dogs and puppies and takes such great care of them. Olivia was so helpful in any questions I had and her responses to my emails were impressively fast. Olivia posted on Facebook after each puppy was born and Autumn (the mom) ended up delivering 9 beautiful puppies! Photos and videos of the puppies were always being posted, it was rare that there wasn't something posted about them each day. At the six week mark Olivia posted videos of each puppy about their coat, color and temperament. I was able to choose from two puppies, which was so hard but I ended up picking Green Boy (now Kubota). I live in New Hampshire so when it was time for the puppies to go home at eight weeks my boyfriend and I hopped on a plane to go pick up our little guy, oh and Olivia was very accommodating with our flight and met us at the Salt Lake City airport. Meeting Kubota and Olivia for the first time and seeing his little face is something I will never forget, I fell in love with him instantly. Kubota went in a carrier in front of my feet on the two planes it took to get home, and he did fantastic. Not one accident in his carrier and he did not bark or whine once on the plane. No one even knew he was there, which was such a relief since our flight back home was at midnight.

Kubota today is 12 weeks old and doing great! He is the light in our life and everyday we spend with him makes us love him more and more. He knows his name and (usually) comes to it, he can sit, down, stay is doing great with his training. He also does great when he is in his crate and has never had an accident in it. He is the center of attention wherever we go, everyone who meets him absolutely loves him and he soaks up all the attention he gets. He is the calmest dog when we go out somewhere, he never barks and he sits in the cart on his blanket while I shop, there have been several times where someone thought he was a stuffed animal. Everyone says he is the sweetest puppy and they cannot believe how well behaved he is and has actually convinced a few people looking for a dog to get a Goldendoodle. He loves to go wild at playtime but also loves to snuggle up to you when he is tired. I can go on and on about how wonderful he is, he is the definition of a perfect puppy.

I wouldn't go anywhere else than Blue Mountain Doodles, not only is Olivia an amazing breeder who truly cares about her dogs but her dogs give birth to some of the smartest and sweetest puppies. This whole experience has truly been amazing and I cannot wait to get another puppy from her in a couple of years!

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Darien B., New Hampshire


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

I can't say enough about Mountain Blue Doodles. From the beginning, Olivia was very communicative about the breed, expecting date, parents and the process. I think the thing that endeared us even more was the Facebook messages, emails and pictures to help us stay excited continuously until delivery. We were allowed to visit the litter at the 4 week mark and meet mom Autumn in person. We were able to ask Olivia all our questions and left feeling as if we had made the best decision in breeders. She truly cares about the dogs in her care and is a conscientious breeder. At the 6 week mark, we received pictures of the pups but we also got videos describing each puppy's temperament and curl pattern. She was spot on with our "blue girl" who is now our Saffron. It also helped us cement our top two choices (although I was in love from the first time I saw our Saffron).

Mountain Blue Doodles cares. About the dogs, the prospective owners and the puppies. Saffron has an incredible tolerance to noises, people and even adult dogs. She loves to be held and snuggles. She is as smart as a whip and as fast as a bullet. At almost 11 weeks, Saffron can "sit", "down" "fetch" in English, and with hand signals. She learned how to go outside almost immediately because we kept her on a schedule and taught her to ring the bell to be let out when not in her playpen. She is a champ harnessed in the car on rides and doesn't whine or bark when we leave the room or the home. We thought separation anxiety might be a problem because we had the luxury of me being on vacation for two weeks and someone that works from home all day.

All around I would say this experience warrants 5 stars! Thank you Mountain Blue Doodle for bringing this darling into our lives.

Gillian M., Grand Junction, CO


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

We could not be more thankful for Mountain Blue Doodles. From the moment we decided on an Irish Doodle, to the first time we fell in love with our puppy, to the day we met him, it was a seamless transition. Mountain Blue Doodles kept us updated on the litter's progress and Saturday pictures were the highlight of our week for the months leading up to the day we brought him home. Thank you to Mountain Blue Doodles for the perfect addition to our family!

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Paul G. Massachusetts


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

Olivia is an excellent breeder from start to finish. We contacted her after searching online for an Irish Doodle Breeder. We had a conversation on the phone about whether or not it would make a good fit for our family and we sent her a deposit the next day. She is so great at communicating important updates as well as answering any questions. She was so accommodating when we came out at week 6 to pick out our pup. We were so impressed at how well she knew the pups and her methods for determining personality seemed thorough. We absolutely love our pup from Mountain Blue Doodles. He's happy, healthy, and full of life. You wont be disappointed with the quality of service and pup from Mountain Blue Doodles.

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Stephanie and Kawika T., Huntington Beach, CA

Tallulah Jane IRISH DOODLE

Mountain Blue Doodles Review

Oliva from Mountain Blue Doodles is amazing! Oliva sent an email update after each puppy was born, which was so exciting and it made you feel like you were part of the process from the very beginning. She posted newborn pictures when the pups were only a few days old and then continued to post pictures every week. Our family looked forward to Saturday night puppy photos. At 6 weeks Olivia posted videos of each puppy, which was extremely helpful during the selection process. She responded very quickly to emails and was always willing to chat on the phone. We picked up our puppy at 8 weeks and Olivia had a cute gift bag filled with toys, a leash, food, treats, and a blanket with Mom's scent. I have never had a dog before, but I absolutely love our Irish Doodle puppy, Tallulah Jane, who is now 10 weeks old. She is super smart, very curious, loves to be touched and is very social. "Potty" training has been much easier than I anticipated, she has rarely had an accident in the house and never in her kennel. She has such a beautiful coat. It is so soft and she does not shed at all. She loves to play and snuggle, what more could you want. I highly recommend Mountain Blue Doodles.

Tricia C., Salt Lake City, UT


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

I worked with Olivia from Mountain Blue Doodles to purchase our puppy Hudson. Olivia was amazing to work with. She kept us updated throughout the entire process. I had contacted Olivia before the puppies were born so she let us know the due date and when the puppies were born she provided constant updates on how many puppies and how they were all doing. We received weekly updates and pictures of all of the puppies after they were born. I think the hardest part of getting a new puppy is picking the right one for your family. Olivia was great in this regard. She took the time to understand our family dynamics and when we narrowed down our selection she provided valuable insight on our puppy and his temperament so we could make the right decision. Currently we have had Hudson for two weeks. He is happy, health, very well behaved, and already a major part of our family. I would recommend Mountain Blue Doodles to anyone looking to add a puppy to their family. We are so happy with the entire experience.

Rusty, Salt Lake City, UT


Mountain Blue Doodles Review

Findley is eating well 3x per day his Orijen Large Puppy. He has gained 2 lbs and now weighs 12 lbs. Last night Findley slept from 12:30-7am! He has taken to his kennel and I occasionally find him there. He is very sweet and loving and loves to snuggle. He knows his name and comes to it about 95% of the time. Findley love to bite Rio's tail, but Rio won't put up with it! He's getting used to the lead and sits on command. We are using the bell method and are on constant alert! He is teething right now and loves his bully stick. Your communication has been very good and the weekly photos were wonderful. I liked your Pinterest and got ideas from that. Facebook was great.

Bill and Wendy C., Seattle, WA